Our partners

Our partners

Why we depend on our partners

Over the years, our results have shown us that collaborations across the ecosystem result in stronger startups, who are more equipped to turn ideas into successful businesses. We hope to continue to make new and exciting business collaborations benefitting the startup community, as this is the main purpose of our organisation. We have partnered with hundreds of institutional investors and business angels and are continuously building partnerships with relevant players in the startup community. Meet our partners below.

Preferred partner

Our strategic partnership with SEED Capital

Pre-Seed Innovation and SEED Capital shared and grew a symbiotic partnership for over 15 years and became famous for the SEED Capital brand in the process. Individually successful, the time is now right for each to operate as an independent company.


Our close collaboration continues to thrive and guides the evolution of successful entrepreneurs from pre-seed to exit strategy and has resulted in the rise of some of the greatest companies to come out of Denmark.


Some shared resources cut across PreSeed Ventures and SEED Capital. The reasoning behind this is that companies, small and large, need some of the support services that we offer, such as talent search, PR, legal services and financial support.


Visit SEED Capital's website.

Our Partners

  • SEED Capital

    “Collaborating with PreSeed Ventures means that we can launch talented Danish entrepreneurs on their journey from startup to international growth aided by funding from SEED Capital and other VCs.”

    Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack Managing Partner, SEED Capital

    “PreSeed Ventures is an important player in the Danish startup landscape and a valuable partner to us. They are passionate about entrepreneurship and have a genuine wish to help early-stage startups succeed.”

    Avnit Singh CXO, TECHBBQ
  • DTU Skylab

    "Building startups require the right experience and capital. PreSeed Ventures is a partner that brings both of those elements into play."

    Mikkel Sørensen Head of DTU Skylab
  • Founders House

    “It is important for the Danish startup ecosystem that we have investors who engage early and support the entrepreneurs. PreSeed Ventures are not afraid of early engagement and that is one of the reasons we are delighted to have them as a partner.”

    Kasper K Smidt General Manager, Founders House
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