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What we invest in

We invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs who are passionate and not afraid to think big. We invest in entrepreneurs who want to build remarkable companies with a great impact. We have a diverse portfolio of companies across sectors and business models because we think it is important to have an opportunistic approach to investments to retain an open mind to innovative ideas.

The fundamentals

We invest in companies based in Denmark. We operate at the earliest stage of the investment chain and offer funding ranging from DKK 500,000 to DKK 6 million. In 2018, we made 23 Discovery investments of DKK 500,000 each and 16 pre-seed investments of approximately DKK 3 million each.


Our Discovery programme aims to strengthen early stage startups by providing funding that bridges the gap between the early private funding and the growth stage.

All investments can be followed up if your company performs as expected. We screen approximately 500 investment opportunities every year.

In our investment process the companies that intrigue us are invited to an introductory meeting for us to gain a deeper understanding of the potential. We then evaluate internally and if we like what we see, you are invited to pitch to our team.

How we build success

Support services with real impact

  1. Business development & strategy

    We will assist in setting the strategic direction for your company and help you follow it. We can also help you with all aspects of your business in a collaborative way.

  2. Talent services

    We assist our entrepreneurs in creating optimum growth conditions by providing knowledge, networks, candidates and strategy to support scalability and create a winning team.

  3. Legal services

    We offer legal assistance, which includes drafting investment documents and providing you with templates for typical legal documents (warrants, employment contracts etc.) and general legal advice.

  4. PR services

    We will help you with your PR strategy, writing press releases, pitching, distribution and setting up interviews.

  5. Extensive network

    We will put our large network of business angels, syndication partners and industrial players at your disposal.

  6. Matchmaking

    We connect our entrepreneurs to other entrepreneurs drawing on the expertise inherent in our growing number of portfolio companies.

  • Templafy

    “They understand better than anyone how to support founders, who are first time CEOs of a capital driven company.”

    Christian Lund, Co-founder & CPO Templafy Explore more
  • DrugStars

    “Without PreSeed Ventures, DrugStars would have remained a dream.”

    Claus Møldrup, Founder & CEO DrugStars Explore more
  • Upodi

    ”We regard PreSeed Ventures as a co-owner, not just a financial source.”

    Rasmus Foged, CEO Upodi Explore more
  • Nordic Power Converters

    “They have put us in touch with people in our line of business with the relevant expertise and experience.”

    Mickey Madsen, Founder & CEO Nordic Power Converters Explore more

Meet us

Fuelling the success of early-stage startups in Denmark

We understand that companies are different and need different things, which is why we host a wide variety of events and activities all designed to fuel the success of early-stage startups in Denmark. We invite you to join us – a warm welcome awaits.

Meet the family

Valuable advice from us and your fellow entrepreneurs

Meet the family is a recurring event that we host for our newest pre-seed investments joining our family of companies.

Discovery Day

A recurring annual pitch competition that celebrates early-stage startups.

We love helping young startups succeed. This is why we host a Discovery Day every year.

Pitch your idea