Attorney (consultant)

Anne Cathrine Wilhjelm


Anne Cathrine has been with PreSeed Ventures since 2004. As our in-house attorney, she is responsible for handling all legal matters in our investment process, including contracts, investment documents, exits etc. Anne Cathrine is also a Partner in SEED Capital, and therefore works with us on consultantcy basis, handling our internal compliance and offering legal assistance to the companies that are both in the PreSeed Ventures and SEED Capital portfolio.

acw@preseedventures.dk +45 21 72 17 44

Before joining PreSeed Ventures, Anne Cathrine worked for one of the biggest law firms in Denmark, Kromann & Münter (now KromannReumert) for six years. She also worked for Dong A/S (now Ørsted) and later joined the online shop Haburi.com as their Chief Attorney. Anne Cathrine specialises in legislation, particularly startup funding.

Her academic background includes a Master’s in Law from the University of Copenhagen and an LLM in International and Comparative Law from Vrije University, Brussels.

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