Head of Investment Team

Richard Breiter


Richard has been with PreSeed Ventures since 2012. He is the Head of our Investment Team. Some of his most notable investments include Grandhood, Airtame and Brickshare.

rb@preseedventures.dk +45 20 81 97 91

His portfolio currently comprises Grandhood, Brickshare, Leneo, Airtame, Sensorist, Motosumo, Nordic Power Converters, Fenris Motorcycles, Benefit Technologies, Ekofolio, Makker and Zoles.

Owing to his strong operational background, Richard is particularly interested in technology startups and is currently focused on Fintech and HW enabled SW startups. Prior to joining PreSeed Ventures, Richard spent eight years at Nokia in their smart phones business where he held senior engineering and technology management positions.

Richard holds an MBA from Copenhagen Business School and a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark.

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